Friday, April 22

Peace tote for my hippy mama

Peace tote for my hippy mama, originally uploaded by domestiCass.
Play it again Sam...these totes are so easy and fun to make I couldn't resist making another. I made this one for Mothers Day for my mom from some fabric I originally bought to make her a pillow. I think I still have enough to do that too! She's getting a twofer this year!
Here is a picture of the interior if you like those shots.  I love this fabric!  Thanks to Very Kerry Berry for sharing where she found it!
Yay! It's Friday again! That means Sarah is having her Whoop-Whoop Friday linky party. Go there now to link up anything you have accomplished this week. Doesn't matter how big or small just get there to get some crafty loving by linking up!



  1. Far out!! I love the tote! Thanks for the interior shot too. :)

  2. Whoop Whoop! Love that tote, I can put my flashbacks in there :-)

  3. Both your bags are great! I was eyeing that pattern...I assume you give it a thumbs up?

  4. That is such a cool bag!!! Whoop whoop to you!!!

  5. Groovy tote man!!

  6. Oh, that is such a fun bag, Your mom is lucky!