Monday, February 28

Bees, Quilt-A-Longs, & Pillows = Newest Addictions

Well I just joined another bee.  This one is a Christmas bee which is a good idea right???  I could use a Christmas quilt and May is my month.  That should be enough time to actually finish a quilt before Christmas hopefully!  Erin from the 12 month bee I am in is running this one too.

Here are the blocks I just finished for Erin who was using Impressions by Ty Pennington:
Block 1 Wonky Log Cabin

Block 2 Wonky Log Cabin

The bloggers running Block-A-Palooza are having a giveaway to celebrate the 1st half of the quilt-a-long being done.  Make sure you enter a picture of your blocks 1-8 for a chance to win.  Here's the picture of my first 8 blocks:
Me thinks that the orange & purple one will have to go.

This is a phone picture of a pillow that I'm making for my LO using Miss Print's tutorial that can be found on Sew Mama Sew.

Not Your Traditional Log Cabin

Saturday, February 26

Wonky Star Top

I added the borders to my wonky stars quilt from Kerry's Quilt-A-Long.  Originally, I was going to box it in with a scrappy border but I think this looks better.  What do you think?

Wonky Star Quilt with Scrappy Borders
Now to sandwich it and get to quilting!  I think I'll do like Kerry and just outline the stars.  Speaking of Kerry it's her blogiversary and she's celebrating with a giveaway so jump on over to congratulate her and enter!

I was excited to get home last night and find that the mail man was my friend today.  He brought me all of these pretties:

Impressions in Chartreuse by Ty Pennington

Impressions in Spice by Ty Pennington
This is also the same fabric Erin from the 12-Month bee sent.  I'm so excited to work on her block later today!

I can see some new pillows in my future with these prints!  You know since I'm a professional at making pillows now with that whopping 1 that I just finished!

Circa 60's Beach Mod by Monaluna
I am so loving those Ukuleles right now!

Hope you enjoyed the eye candy for today.  Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, February 25

Whoop-Whoop Friday!

Friday is finally here and with it so is the wind!  Possible 35 MPH winds today!  That may be more wind blown effect than my hair can handle!

Today is also Whoop-Whoop Friday over at Sarah's Place.  So if you've finished something this week (anything...even just a block) head to Sarah's and link up for a chance to win one of the giveaways she has going's that easy.  While you are there check out her Surfin' Sunday post for a chance to win her other giveaway offered by Chasing Cottons!  How's that for generosity!

My Whoop-Whop for this week is a pillow I made using Karrie Lyne's tutorial found here. I loved the little pocket in the front for a little girl to hide her treasures!  Check it out...

Tutorial Pillow Size is 24" x 24"
Don't you just love the buttons!

Interesting things I have found in the world of blogging this week:
1. Tidbit Tuesday - This is one tip we can all benefit from!  A cheaper alternative to rotary cutting blades...I'm listening!
2. Stitched In Color - A rainbow ticker tape quilt-a-long.  Come join in!  It looks like a good way to use up all those tiny scraps you can't bear to throw out!

I've also joined my first quilting bee.  It is a 12 month 12 member bee.  The organizer has already sent out her fabrics.  She's using Ty Pennington's Impressions line. 

Also, for those of you who may not know (like I didn't) you can use your 50% off JoAnn's coupons to by batting by the yard!  I got 20 yards of Warm & White for 1/2 price!!!  Just thought I'd pass it on!

Have a good weekend all!

Monday, February 21

Block Weekend

Well this weekend was all catch-up.  I was able to get A LOT of sewing done and that always make me happy...which in turn is good for everyone else around me.   ;)

I am finally up to date with Block-A-Palooza.  I had gotten to be 5 blocks behind.  Of course another block came out today so I guess I am not really up to date...drats!

I also finished the last 2 stars for Very Kerry Berry's Quilt-A-Long.  The top for that one is going to take a little more work.  It was my first time doing Wonky Stars and my first one is giving me a major headache now.  I put the star tips too close to the end corner of the block so when I sewed two of them together I cut the tip in this picture:
That orange one right there on the bottom is going to be trouble too!

Here are some pictures of the other blocks I finished this weekend:

Block 8

Block 3. Not feeling the color combo in this one. I may redo it.

Block 5

Block 6.  My favorite so far.

Block 7.  Probably my second favorite.

On the home front I have a sick little one.  She has an ear infection in both ears which equals no fun for everyone around her.   Hopefully she can get some relief today. 

If you have a spare minute you should hop on over to Sarah's blog for a giveaway she is hosting.  You can find it here: Surfin' Sunday - Featuring Chasing Cottons - and a Giveaway!

Happy Monday everyone!


Friday, February 18

Testing, testing...1...2...Is this thing on...

For months now I have been ruthlessly stalking a handful of blogs that have quickly become high on my daily must-read list.  During that time I have entered many a contest and I've even won a few.  Recently I started thinking to myself that I am sure that bloggers have giveaways to get more followers...but then I started thinking that there may also be another advantage that bloggers hope to gain with giveaways and that would be the people entering the giveaways will blog about said giveaway on their own blogs and link back to the giveaway...gaining the initial blogger more readers.  I'm just figuring this out now.  I know, I know, I'm a little slow.  Then I started to wonder if by not having a blog maybe I was being rude.  So I have decided to try it out.  I don't expect to have many readers but I'll give it a try for awhile.

To get started I'll post a few pictures of things I've made so far this year.

Cape for my niece

Pin Cushion from a kit sold by sewtakeahike

Place mats made using a pattern from this awesome book

Place mats made from this tutorial