Friday, April 22

Peace tote for my hippy mama

Peace tote for my hippy mama, originally uploaded by domestiCass.
Play it again Sam...these totes are so easy and fun to make I couldn't resist making another. I made this one for Mothers Day for my mom from some fabric I originally bought to make her a pillow. I think I still have enough to do that too! She's getting a twofer this year!
Here is a picture of the interior if you like those shots.  I love this fabric!  Thanks to Very Kerry Berry for sharing where she found it!
Yay! It's Friday again! That means Sarah is having her Whoop-Whoop Friday linky party. Go there now to link up anything you have accomplished this week. Doesn't matter how big or small just get there to get some crafty loving by linking up!


Monday, April 18

Mark another one off the ole' "Haven't tried that yet list"

Noodlehead Tote , originally uploaded by domestiCass.
I bought this pattern from Anna Graham at Noodlehead last week after seeing it on a few blogs. I figured I would keep it until my sewing skills were a little better but then on yet another blog I saw that Denyse Schmidt released designs for JoAnn's! So in order to justify to my husband running around like a madwomen spending tons of money on fabric that I didn't have a purpose for I thought I'd put the two together and see what I came up with. It came out perfectly! I only had to use my good friend the seam ripper once when I accidentally sewed the front and back together while trying to topstitch the side seams. Hmmm...maybe I will try the zipper one next.  This pattern was so well written that I totally recommend it to everyone.  It was the first time I
used a magnetic clasp too - easy peasy!  I paired the DS Quilts prints with Robert Kaufman's Quilters Linen.  Maybe I'll try getting rid of my Mom purse and switch to this little cutie!
I found these prints at another JoAnn's (which also had all of the other prints I got at the other store too).  I wish I could find the diamond print in the blue/green colorway also.  The flowers/diamonds are my favorite.  I really like the 3rd one from the bottom too.  They also had a green leafy print but I wasn't feeling it.  That's all for me until next payday and coupon
AS OF 04/19/11 ALL DS QUILTS PRINTS ARE AVAILABLE HERE @ JOANNS SITE .  You can also get free shipping if you spend more than $50 and enter code WHP113 at checkout.  This promo is good until 04/23/11.

Sunday, April 17

Got me some!!

I was so busy last week I missed all of the posts about Denyse Schmidt coming to JoAnn's!  I didn't plan on making a trip to JoAnn's today but after I read about this away I went.

Luckily, I picked the right JoAnn's on the first try.  I was so excited!  I picked up some of all of them except the plaid.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the dots!  So if you are looking and are in the VA area...JoAnn's in Leesburg has 11 of the prints.   I wish they had the cute one with little diamonds shown here on Heather Ross's blog.  I bought 10 of them and there was still the plaid which makes 11 plus the diamond one they didn't have makes 12...does anybody know how many different fabrics have been released so far?

Fortunately, I finished the blocks for the Aqua & Orange bee I'm in that needed to be done before I went reading any blogs this afternoon.

These are for Melissa who requested wonky log cabin blocks.  I really like the butterfly fabric she picked.

Enjoy the eye candy!!!


Hands 2 Help

Sarah over at Confessions of a Fabric Addict has come up with a fantastic idea and has given others the chance to join her.  Together with Judi at Green Fairy Quilts she has arranged a Charity Quilt Challenge.  Everyone that signed up was paired with a partner.  I am sending my partner 2 yards of various fabric and she will send me the same.  Then using our stash or purchasing what we need we are to make a quilt that is 60 x 60 to be donated to people in need in Romania.  Below are pictures of the fabrics I gathered for my partner.  They are not fabrics that I am particularly fond of and have been just hanging out at the bottom of my stash for awhile.  I can't wait see what she makes out of them!  If you'd like to check out more about this Quilt Challenge either click on the link above or the button on my sidebar.

All packed up and ready to go!

Hands 2 Help fabrics for my partner

Enjoy your Sunday!

PS - Play-off hockey is starting now!  Go CAPS!


Thursday, April 14

Let's try this again

Good news for you!  I haven't heard back from the giveaway winner that RG chose Monday so I am choosing another one...the new winner is:

Catskill Quilter said...
Wow - what a fabulous first giveaway! The book looks wonderful, as do the charm packs. Gotta say that I am going from Stylish Blog to Stylish Blog -- they really ARE good new blogs! 

So a big congratulations to the new winner!  An email has been sent to her.  I sure hope to hear back from her!


Monday, April 11

And the WINNER is...

And the Winner of my very first giveaway is:

"Pam said...
I've just become a follower on RSS feeds and I love your blog. Congratulations on your award. Very well deserved.

Friday, April 8

A little quote to start your day...

Untitled, originally uploaded by domestiCass.
I have definitely wondered this myself sometimes...and then I have undoubtedly decided it IS the others that are crazy! :) I thought my brother would like this quote so I put this together last night for his birthday Monday.

Please don't forgot to go here to enter my giveaway.  It closes Sunday at midnight.

Also, please be sure to stop by Sarah's Whoop Whoop Friday to link up any finishes you had this week!

Yay for Fridays!!!!


Thursday, April 7

Weekend Block Madness

Reminder go HERE to enter my first ever GIVEAWAY!!! 

 It's open until midnight on Sunday 04/10/11.
So this past weekend was the weekend for kiddie parties apparently.  My LO was invited to 2 parties!  My very kind husband offered to take her to the second one on Sunday by himself to let me sew a little bit.  

These are the blocks I finished Sunday:

First I added the outer sashing to this block for Stephanie in the Christmas Bee:


Next up I dove into 2 blocks that I thought were going to be a cinch (as did a lot of the other ladies in our bee) just to find that they were deceivingly easy looking upon first glance!  Matching up the top silk strip and the bottom silk strip after adding the diagonal silk strip was not easy at all!  I had the luck of being one of the last to try this block so I had read all of the comments and suggestions everyone had made but it still proved to be tricky.  I can't wait to see how Anna's quilt turns out with all of these put together!

 Next I worked on the block that Melissa requested for the 12 Month bee I'm in.  I really like how it turned out.

And finally as a quick gift idea for the party we went to on Saturday I used this quick little tutorial that Carlee from  Ladybird Ln posted.  It is a fun, fast and (most importantly) CHEAP handmade gift!  I made this towel and washcloth for under $10 and it took less than an hour!!!!

Happy Hump Day All! 


Tuesday, April 5

Stylish Blogger Award and My First Giveaway!!!

Why thank you Stephanie from Spontaneous Threads!!  I am very honored.  In fact I am so happy to have been picked for this award that I think I will have my first giveaway to celebrate!!!  More on that later.  First there are some duties that come with being chosen for this award and I am more than happy to fulfill them.

First - Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award.
  • Done above but here is Stephanie's link again  Spontaneous Threads.  I would highly recommend checking her out.  She always has some creative goodness happening there.
Second - Share 7 things about yourself.

  1. I am a huge sci-fi addict...books and movies I LOVE them all.
  2. Maybe this one is because of number 1 but: Given the chance, I would go into space without a second thought if I could take my husband and daughter (even if we weren’t guaranteed safe return).
  3. My kindergarten teacher’s name was Mrs. Cowie (cow-ee)…pretty funny when you’re in kindergarten.
  4. My grandfather bought my cousins and I a Shetland pony that we named Charlie when I was 1. We had him up until I was in high school sometime.
  5. Meatloaf shares the same birthday as I do. The singer not the meal. (Just because we're talking about Meatloaf did you know that Meatloaf’s credit card says Meatloaf?  That useless piece of knowledge was brought to you by Pop up Video).
  6. I tell everyone my first concert was Metallica but it was really Nelson because I got free tickets and it was a week before Metallica.
  7. My brother once told my mom that I had gotten a tattoo on my butt and my mom made me pull my pants down to prove that I didn’t.
Thirdly - Award 6 recently discovered great bloggers.  I was able to find 5 that I have recently discovered and the 6th is one that I found awhile ago but totally love.
  • Laura at Hobbying Around.  Laura is in the 1st VQB that I signed up for. 
  • Janet at Entropy Undone.  I found her blog recently through my #6 nomination.  She made a fantastic pillow that I would like to try to copy recreate sometime.
  • Julie at Distant Pickles.  She is in 2 VQB's that I've signed up for.  I especially enjoyed this post.
  • Heidi at craft:nosis.  Found through the flickr group for Block-A-Palooza.  This was the post that got me to become a follower: New York Beauty.  Isn't it fantastic?!?!
  • Melissa at A Child of the Wild Blue Yonder.  I totally love her choices in fabrics...maybe one day when I grow up I will be able to throw things together like her.
  • Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict.  Sarah's blog is great!  I found her blog through a giveaway she hosted that I won a few months ago and I still read it religiously.  She hosts a linky party every Friday and she features one of her favorite blogs every Sunday.  Do not read this blog if over achievers bug you because she will totally get under your skin.  I don't know how she does as much as she does...she's amazing!
Lastly - Contact the owners of the blogs you nominated to tell them about the award. 
  •  Emails forthcoming.
Okay so now onto my first GIVEAWAY!!!  I am so excited to finally do a giveaway!
Here it is:
The Art Quilt Collection - I won a copy of this book in a giveaway awhile ago but the publisher sent me 2 copies!  I tried to contact the blog owner that I won the book from but she never got back to me so I want to share the wealth with all of you.  :O)  This book is really interesting.  There is so much inspiration to be found here! In it is a quilt that uses pleated fabric.  It looks really hard but I wouldn't mind trying that sometime...luckily, with that particular quilt it gives you a little tutorial to see how it is done.  I am happy to have this book in my collection.

I am also throwing in 2 charm packs.  Spirit by Lila Tueller and Dream On by Urban Chiks.

 You have 3 chances to win!

One - Leave me a comment - telling me 2 random things about yourself.
Two - Become a follower of my blog and leave a comment telling me you did. Or if you are already a follower let me know that instead.
Three - Blog about this giveaway on your blog and leave a comment telling me that you did so. 

I will leave this giveaway open until Sunday 04/10/2011 at midnight.

A winner will be chosen using Random Generator on Monday morning.

Thanks again to Stephanie for giving me the Stylish Blog award!  

In other giveaway news Julie at Jaybird Quilts is having this giveaway featuring fabric shoppe.  They are giving away some of Ty Pennington's Impressions so get over there quick!!!  It's open until Thursday!

Also, check out this link for Lindsay's site at Craft Buds for a list of giveaways going on all around bloggy land!

Happy Tuesday to everyone!