Friday, April 8

A little quote to start your day...

Untitled, originally uploaded by domestiCass.
I have definitely wondered this myself sometimes...and then I have undoubtedly decided it IS the others that are crazy! :) I thought my brother would like this quote so I put this together last night for his birthday Monday.

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Yay for Fridays!!!!



  1. So cute, I love how you made it look like paper! Whoop Whoop!


  2. Great quote, and I love your embroidery!

  3. I love it, Cassey!! Such a cute thought, and nice workmanship!! Whoop Whoop!!! And thanks for promoting Hands2Help!! See you Sunday for signups!

  4. Whoop, Whoop! What a thoughtful gift, clever girl :-)

  5. How cute! Sometimes I wonder myself if I'm the sane one or the crazy one. In our family we like to say that *every* family is dysfunctional - it makes us feel better, anyway! ;)