Monday, April 18

Mark another one off the ole' "Haven't tried that yet list"

Noodlehead Tote , originally uploaded by domestiCass.
I bought this pattern from Anna Graham at Noodlehead last week after seeing it on a few blogs. I figured I would keep it until my sewing skills were a little better but then on yet another blog I saw that Denyse Schmidt released designs for JoAnn's! So in order to justify to my husband running around like a madwomen spending tons of money on fabric that I didn't have a purpose for I thought I'd put the two together and see what I came up with. It came out perfectly! I only had to use my good friend the seam ripper once when I accidentally sewed the front and back together while trying to topstitch the side seams. Hmmm...maybe I will try the zipper one next.  This pattern was so well written that I totally recommend it to everyone.  It was the first time I
used a magnetic clasp too - easy peasy!  I paired the DS Quilts prints with Robert Kaufman's Quilters Linen.  Maybe I'll try getting rid of my Mom purse and switch to this little cutie!
I found these prints at another JoAnn's (which also had all of the other prints I got at the other store too).  I wish I could find the diamond print in the blue/green colorway also.  The flowers/diamonds are my favorite.  I really like the 3rd one from the bottom too.  They also had a green leafy print but I wasn't feeling it.  That's all for me until next payday and coupon
AS OF 04/19/11 ALL DS QUILTS PRINTS ARE AVAILABLE HERE @ JOANNS SITE .  You can also get free shipping if you spend more than $50 and enter code WHP113 at checkout.  This promo is good until 04/23/11.


  1. Now that's lovely! Great job missy!

  2. Really pretty. You did a great job!

  3. My JFS didn't have the blue/green diamonds or the polka dots...disappointed.