Friday, May 6

Ok...last one I promise, promise, promise!!!

I have a good reason for showing this one!

I was looking around for some more of this:

Because I ran out last night when I made this:

And after some searching I found out the Fat Quarter Shop is offering 50% off of all Ty Pennington's Impressions fabric through midnight tonight using the code: IMPRESS.  That's a steal!

You see...even though you are having to look at yet another tote picture, my intentions are totally good in the end!  So thank you my friends for humoring me yet again.

Also, today is Friday (yay!!!) so if you have completed anything this week (anything at all) run surf over to Sarah's and join in the linky party. 

Look right over there on the left and you will see the button wave that will take you there.

Happy Mothers Day to all of the mamas!


Thursday, May 5

Keep 'em coming...

Teacher appreciaiton bags..., originally uploaded by domestiCass.
So are you totally tired of seeing these yet??? Sorry, they are just so easy and fun to make. I made these for my daughters teachers. The one on the right is Henry Glass Fabrics and the other one is DS Quilts fabrics. I filled them with "teacher" stuff like stickers, pens, tissues, and the ever important hand sanitizer. I hope they enjoy them.

I got the Henry Glass fabrics last week on a trip to SC. I was in Fancy Gap, VA...never heard of it before...and saw a sign for a fabric outlet. It was like it was meant it to be! They had tons of fabric and most if it was $3.99-$4.99/yd. These prints were $3.99/yd!!! Score!

So if you are ever in Fancy Gap, VA you should stop by and see what you can find!

Have a good week all!