Friday, February 18

Testing, testing...1...2...Is this thing on...

For months now I have been ruthlessly stalking a handful of blogs that have quickly become high on my daily must-read list.  During that time I have entered many a contest and I've even won a few.  Recently I started thinking to myself that I am sure that bloggers have giveaways to get more followers...but then I started thinking that there may also be another advantage that bloggers hope to gain with giveaways and that would be the people entering the giveaways will blog about said giveaway on their own blogs and link back to the giveaway...gaining the initial blogger more readers.  I'm just figuring this out now.  I know, I know, I'm a little slow.  Then I started to wonder if by not having a blog maybe I was being rude.  So I have decided to try it out.  I don't expect to have many readers but I'll give it a try for awhile.

To get started I'll post a few pictures of things I've made so far this year.

Cape for my niece

Pin Cushion from a kit sold by sewtakeahike

Place mats made using a pattern from this awesome book

Place mats made from this tutorial


  1. Congrats on your new blog! Hope you enjoy your blogging experience. Your finish projects this year are beautiful!

  2. I see you've quadrupled your followers! You've got the right idea about giveaways - they're a great way to increase your readership - because if you get people in the door, they're likely to see something they like! And a giveaway doesn't have to be big - it can be as small as a charm pack of a current fabric, or even quilting books (in good condition) you don't want any more! You've got a great looking blog, so I predict you'll increase in readers pretty quickly!

  3. I'm in your 12 month quilting bee - thought I'd check out your blog -- you are too cute! I love that you started a blog b/c you thought you might be kind of rude for not having one!! I just started a blog, too - b/c it seemed like fun! Looking forward to working w/all you gals on quilts this upcoming year!