Monday, February 21

Block Weekend

Well this weekend was all catch-up.  I was able to get A LOT of sewing done and that always make me happy...which in turn is good for everyone else around me.   ;)

I am finally up to date with Block-A-Palooza.  I had gotten to be 5 blocks behind.  Of course another block came out today so I guess I am not really up to date...drats!

I also finished the last 2 stars for Very Kerry Berry's Quilt-A-Long.  The top for that one is going to take a little more work.  It was my first time doing Wonky Stars and my first one is giving me a major headache now.  I put the star tips too close to the end corner of the block so when I sewed two of them together I cut the tip in this picture:
That orange one right there on the bottom is going to be trouble too!

Here are some pictures of the other blocks I finished this weekend:

Block 8

Block 3. Not feeling the color combo in this one. I may redo it.

Block 5

Block 6.  My favorite so far.

Block 7.  Probably my second favorite.

On the home front I have a sick little one.  She has an ear infection in both ears which equals no fun for everyone around her.   Hopefully she can get some relief today. 

If you have a spare minute you should hop on over to Sarah's blog for a giveaway she is hosting.  You can find it here: Surfin' Sunday - Featuring Chasing Cottons - and a Giveaway!

Happy Monday everyone!



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