Saturday, February 26

Wonky Star Top

I added the borders to my wonky stars quilt from Kerry's Quilt-A-Long.  Originally, I was going to box it in with a scrappy border but I think this looks better.  What do you think?

Wonky Star Quilt with Scrappy Borders
Now to sandwich it and get to quilting!  I think I'll do like Kerry and just outline the stars.  Speaking of Kerry it's her blogiversary and she's celebrating with a giveaway so jump on over to congratulate her and enter!

I was excited to get home last night and find that the mail man was my friend today.  He brought me all of these pretties:

Impressions in Chartreuse by Ty Pennington

Impressions in Spice by Ty Pennington
This is also the same fabric Erin from the 12-Month bee sent.  I'm so excited to work on her block later today!

I can see some new pillows in my future with these prints!  You know since I'm a professional at making pillows now with that whopping 1 that I just finished!

Circa 60's Beach Mod by Monaluna
I am so loving those Ukuleles right now!

Hope you enjoyed the eye candy for today.  Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. I really like your borders, they really work with your quilt without boxing it in.