Monday, March 7

Sewing Marathon

That sums up my weekend pretty well!  I didn't remember until Wednesday that in passing conversation I had told my best friends mom that I would make her a set of place mats for her birthday on March 8th.  In January when I made the offer, March seemed so far forward to last week.  So this past weekend was do or die time.  I went to my LQS on Thusday at lunch and bought 3 yards of assorted fabrics without knowing how much I would need as I didn't have a design in mind yet.  Friday after work I quickly sketched out an idea then headed to JoAnn's for backing and applique fabric...another 3 yards later I was set to sew.  However, after getting home that night my daughter had other plans for bright and early Saturday morning (by this I mean 9-ish) I finally sat down to work.  By 10:30 last night I had finished 8 placemats!  That has to be some kind of record, right???  I was also very pleased to find out that I didn't buy too much material which is normally the case...I only had about a 1/2 yard of ivory left.

Sorry for the was 11 pm and I was beat.  The green looks way greener in the pictures than in RL which I think is also giving the backing a greenish color.  In actuality the backing is brown and tan.

Although I don't expect the dog will be dining at the table I couldn't leave her out...maybe she can use it for her dog dish.

Happy Birthday Ms. Vickie!

My binding can still use a TON of practice but it has greatly improved after using some of the tips from this post.

In other news my very smart husband came up with an idea to store my batting where I can still access it and it's out of the way...sometimes you just gotta love redneck engineering...  ;p

This week I hope to finish a pillow that my LO has been patiently waiting for and that's about it.  The hubs and I are going away for a kid-free long weekend with 3 other couples.  Friday can't come soon enough for me this week!  Does anyone else have weekend plans they can't wait for?

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  1. LOVE the placemats! My dog needs one for her dish....Monkey Dog is MESSY when she eats. LOL! Sew On!