Thursday, March 17

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!!!

My little one turns 4 on Saturday!  It's amazing how quickly time flies.  This year she is getting totally spoiled...but I guess that's what happens when there's only one.  We are huge hockey fans and yesterday she had a special visit at her "school" (aka daycare) from Slapshot, the Washington Capitals Mascot. He was fantastic!
And here is her birthday dress I made.  I am so stinkin proud of this dress!  It is my first garment...ok so maybe it was an easy pattern but it was easy enough that I will totally try to make more clothes for her!  What makes it even nicer is that she LOVES it!  Normally she's "meh" about the things I make her but this was a winner from the start.  I used Fandango by Kate Spain.

I've been busy with birthday plans this week so I haven't had a chance to catch up with my bee blocks which makes me feel like a slacker but oh well.

Right now I am just enjoying having this time with my baby and relishing the nice weather!  There was enough daylight this evening when I got home that we were able to play outside for an hour.  It is so nice to see green again!  

So sweet and nice looking

 ah, that's more like the girl I know.

Sorry still new at this blogging stuff. I have no idea how to line my pictures up right.

Have a happy Friday everyone...and enjoy the weekend!


  1. Your dress is adorable - it's no wonder she loves it! Tell Lilly happy birthday!! Whoop whoop!!

  2. I don't know which is cuter, the little doll or her dress! Thanks for sharing.

  3. The dress is super cute. I'm new to blogging also, maybe we will get the hang of it. Whoop Whoop

  4. Getting to make clothes for your little girl is one of the sweet pleasures in life! And it feels so right! Enjoy! Whoop!Whoop!

  5. Happy Birthday Lilly -- you are one lucky little girl.

  6. That dress is adorable, as is your little girl!